GPS_Sync is great but

Do we have a realistic time frame on when the C5c will be available?

No response? Not even a PM or a Link to an past response that still hold true?

I really don’t want to use MikroTiks and miss out on the potential of GPS Sync by not having C5c’s.



The C5c beta is starting in in 2 weeks with an anticipated FCS date of Q2, near mid quarter if we proceed smoothly with the product rollout-out schedule. For SRS (GPS-Sync) you should be able to connect a C5 at about 4km using a 17 dBi 4x4 antenna…



Thanks for the update.

We are currently deploying at around the 4Km range with C5’s. Looking at reaching customers further out, and if it comes to fruition, C5c doing GPS-Sync using Enterprise Security…