H Pole not working

We bought 3 B5c links and on two of the three links, the H pole appears not to be working. The units are set up as 2x80. No matter what 2x we select, the H pole does not show any activity. Signal strength on these links is around -48db. The working link has the same signal level. The working link, and one bad link is ~8 miles, the other is 16 miles. I’m open to ideas…


Hi Dan,

It could be any number of things including the coax cables, bad transmitter, bad receiver, antenna, or obstruction.

If you swap cables between H and V on one side of the link, and the problem follows the cables, then it is a cable problem.

Our troubleshooting guide for low Rx power has a more complete process:

Please contact support if you still have problems after following these steps.