Has anyone been able to use the C5x with A6?

I tried to connect the C5X with an A6 AP, following the instructions in the firmware release and it was not possible to connect the C5X, I followed all the instructions.

When the A6 originally became available, I posed the question – can they be used together.

The answer at that time is… ONLY if using wireless interop. It would not work under SRS.
Also, the same firmware levels had to be on both sides. That part could be more challenging – I’ve not paid attention to the versioning lately, but there was always a big difference between getting used in P2MP, or P2P. You could not install the latest of each model – they all had to be the same, and usually this means lower (older?) released versions.

We opted not to move the the “6” series at all until there was a reasonable means to be able to retain and continue to use the not really older with the newer… The potential issues were just too great at that point to want to spin wheels for no reason in an otherwise working implementation.

Hello, yesterday we finally managed to connect a C5x with A6. First: I only work with frequencies 5645,5700 and some others. Second: You have to wait up to 30 minutes for it to connect to the A6, if you ask me I have no idea why it takes so long. In 80 Mhz channel bandwidth tests, deliver between 200 and 300 Mbps

I had the C5x connected to the A6, but it was on 5Ghz band. Does anybody know how can I make it work on 6Ghz?