Hello B5c Issue

Hello I have an issue with a b5c link one chain is missing and there is a big difference in 2 other chains could you please advise what could be causing this please sea attached screen

shot Many thanks andrew

Hi Andrew,

Was this link working properly before, or has it always looked like this?

This could be a problem with the coaxial cables, the radios or the antennas, in that order of likelihood.

Please see the “Low power on a single chain (B5c)” within this troubleshooting guide: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-troubleshooting-guide-tx-rx-low-power

Within that guide, we list how to diagnose these kinds of problems. It starts with swapping coaxial cables to see if the problem follows the cable or stays with the radio.

Outside of a hardware problem, other differences between chains could be caused by differing Tx power per channel, obstructions or antenna frequency response.

I recommend reaching out to Support via chat so that the team here can take a look.

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I can suggest to see following youtube video: