Hello How can I reduce the CPU temperature?

Knowing that the CPU temperature is up to 107

I couldn’t see 107 degrees in the picture, could you?

Sometimes the temperature increases to 107 degrees Celsius

What’s the air temperature around the unit? Is the sun beating directly on to the unit? The hotter the environment, the harder it is to keep the CPU cool.

I don’t see a CPU temperature limit in the datasheet, but the environmental limits are listed below. At the maximum allowed air temperature, I suspect that CPU might get much hotter than you’re seeing. 107°C=224.6°F, so, if the CPU was running 65°-70° above ambient temperature, I could see it getting to 107°C.

• Operating Temperature:
-40°C to +55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
• Operating Humidity:
5 to 100% condensing
• Outdoor Ingress Protection Rating:
• Operating Altitude:
4,420 m (14,501’) maximum
• Shock and Vibration:
ETS 300-019-2-4 class 4M5

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What is the air temperature around the unit? The temperature ranges from 35 to 50 degrees Celsius
Is the sun beating directly on to the unit?
Do not go straight, as the position of the dish blocks the sun’s rays when it reaches 50 degrees Celsius

Why would this matter? These units are rated to be outdoors…if they can’t handle outdoor environments even in extreme conditions then Mimosa needs to re-evaluate their product offerings.

An environmental operating temp of 131 degrees F is pretty good. If your radio is in direct sunlight and is painted then that could easily get you above that even in a mild climate. If your radio is right above a large black roof or near an exhaust vent for an AC unit, then that can also increase your temperature well above that 131…

Or you live somewhere where it gets stupid hot. I prefer a cheaper radio over a radio that can handle all the weird edge cases. It’s a classic cost/feature trade off.

As for your specific question. Blocking direct sunlight and keeping the radio away from heat sources will be the direction I would recommend going…

The CPU temp is 64.5C.

I have quite a number of these at ambient temp of 20c and the same CPU temp.

So not sure we have a problem.