Hello I'm MaheeraKrish

Good Day all ,

i’m newbie here as well as to wireless products/solutions. I am working for a fixed line service provider. Mimosa really inspired me and their success stories.

The reason am here to learn and implement p2p / p2mp on my own. I really appreciate if any documents or training videos regarding mimosa products or any others in general.

Hi, and welcome to the community.

Feel free to ask clarifying questions, I hang around here far too much and I do enjoy helping people out with the various questions that come up.

As far as general Videos, I would recommend the Mimosa Podcast. https://www.youtube.com/user/mimosanetworks/playlists
There is a ton of good general information in the “Starting a WISP” series and some of the other general technical videos Mimosa has.

From there, I would heavily recommend getting a strong understanding of wireless, it’s what makes everything work and if you don’t have good wireless signals you will continually be struggling with speeds and other issues. I would just start off with whatever you find with a Google search and work from there. It’s a huge topic and my favorite resource is the ARRL Handbook, so that’s not an immediately useful one to pull from unless you are willing to spend a bit of money.

If you really want a deep dive into equipment manuals, Mimosa has Great manuals online at mimosa.co/support I would heavily recommend spending a good chunk of time there if you think you want to take the plunge and buy some equipment.

A little bit lighter topic and one that follows a guy starting his own WISP can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2HY0QPGwQq07EpCmrCOKAsl2Ki6wnIHI (Note, he is using Ubiquiti equipment, a very popular brand)

Thank you William , i will go through as suggested.