Help! C5x PTP link constantly 33/33

Hi, i have a c5x PTP link wich constantly drops from 400/400 to 33/33, this is happening since 2.81 update, now the 2.10.1 update is out, My question is: ¿ Is this software better than 2.81?

try some more frequences for better uses

What does the noise in your area look like? Is the antenna off-path? There is a good chance that the units are not aligned properly. What are the signal levels? What were the signal levels when you installed the radio?

This are the values in the day, but un night the TX drops to 15, until i change frecuency, three days in row happening

The link is 5.7 Km, 5000 channel free from 5000 to 5200, low noise ambient

If it’s only happening at night, there are 2 common possibilities.

  1. There is a station that’s interfering and it’s only on at night.
  2. You’re getting some sort of weather phenomena, such as a temperature inversion forming when the ground starts to cool down. This is more prevalent over water, but it can happen over land also.

Anyone else have any ideas?

The weather? That is Even possible ?

Unfortunately, yes it’s possible. If that is it, raising the antennas may help, depending on how high you have them already.