Help with Mimosa Backup in my network

Hi, hoping you can help me, is there any way to create backups at once of all my mimosa devices in my network? I have 30 mimosa devices right now, soon will be more, and I would like to get current configuration every so often and saving some time.

Thank you for your help.

I don’t see an easy way to automate this. Pretty much your only option for getting the physical config would be to go into each device and pull it.


If you have your devices connected to the Mimosa Cloud, basically all of the important information is there. Antenna IP, AP it’s supposed to be connected to, MAC, Output power, etc… And you only need to give your APs internet access, and not very much either, the CPE equipment all reports back to Mimosa through the AP (At least for the A5# and C5# lines, we have not connected any of our B5s or B11s to the Mimosa Cloud)

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