Help with new Rural\Small town WISP

Hi there, I’m new here.

I have helped setup a WISP almost a decade ago so I am totally out of date when it comes to what everyone is using right now. After researching a lot, Mimosa seems to be the favourite brand to start my proof of concept to provide fast broadband to a small community that is willing to pay for it.

By proof of concept I mean, I need to setup a POP just in the same building as the fibre feed where I should be allowed to install a tower (hopefully) and test with around 10 paying customers initially.

The town is very small, just around 1600 residents but quite touristic and full of businesses.

So for my first POP I am hoping I can cover around 500 to 1000 meter radius (0.3 to 0.6 miles). Is it realistic with the A5? The town is rather plane but has quite a lot of trees. I am hoping I can use a 15M tower (50ft). I don’t think the MiniPOP would work due to the density but I can be wrong.

The goal is to have around 50 to 100 users, can eventually jump to 200.
These users aren’t typically heavy users (from past experience with another WISP that used to exist there).

I need to keep the initial setup costs down so I can convince the community it’s a good service, then may be able to afford fancier stuff later on if I get positive feedback and some financial backing.

  • What gear should I use for this first POP\Backhaul and what gear for the CPE? From what I see A5-18 + C5 CPE is the way to go and future proof but just double checking. (I know this probably could be answered by Mimosa team privately but well…)
  • what are you using as router\bandwidth management? I used to have Mikrotiks, they were good but a pain to setup initially.
  • What are you using as captive portals for Hotspot\oneoff access (for non residential visitors etc)? 10 years ago I setup radiusmanager but that was a bit of a painful one I would like to believe there are better options nowadays.
  • Is data capping still a thing and do you recommend it? How the BW management works nowadays, if I get 100mbps feed on fibre initially, can I still advertise as “up to 100mbps”?

Pardon me for my questions as I’m a rusty wireless network guy :slightly_smiling_face:
Just trying to get back onboard with this.

Thank you!

Well here is one person wishing you luck in your endeavor.

I was searching for info on setting up radius and found your post.

Look forward to you letting us know what you settled on / what issues you had and how you overcame them.

Hi Rob. It never came to fruition but I just decided to start it in another “town” of 200k. Feel free to DM me.