Help with the link on B5

Hello. Can someone look at my local analyzer screenshot and tell me what are the best settings for my link.
Link is 10Km, very noisy environment. I’ve been able to get 400Mbit/100mbit TX/RX. Below my settings:
1x80MHz 5090Mhz sygnal -56
75/25 split, TDMA 4ms

Link stability is not so great. When another isp uses the freq 5090Mhz link don’t work good. I must manually change freq.
Thanks for any advice.

Hi Tomasz,

It is difficult to answer the question without seeing the spectrum on both sides, but I’ll try. You may want to consider using 5415, 5750, 5805 or 5860 (approximations) instead since they appear to have the least interference.

Notice that the spectrum analyzer can show local, remote and combined spectrum. You may find that different channels are available on each side of the link. In that case you may want to consider FD mode:

If you’d like some help with RF tuning, our Support team may be able to help find additional improvements. You can either chat with us at or send us an Email.