Hide WIFI signal Bridge mode

I’m new to Mimosa and we have setup a test enviroment to use Mimosa B5-Lite for building a short distance bridge. Setup went smooth and we managed to setup a wireless bridge, but I have some questions.

  • When the bridge is setup, one device is setup as Station and the other device is setup as Accesspoint. So far so good, be is it possible to hide the Accesspoint device for other devices? The AP shows up on my phone when seaching for WIFI connections.

  • Is it possible to setup security on the AP device so only some MAC adresses could connect to the AP device, or is there some other security needed to be setup?

Thanks for helping me out!

DOn’t know these are good results over a 3 mtr distance. I think I have some aiming problems. DOn’t know how to point the antennes in a good way to each other… :frowning:

If you look at your DASHBOARD, you will see there is a “AIMING MODE”… With this you can adjust as needed in real-time for the best performance/alignment.

Also, you can make use of the Mimosa.co DESIGN a link option. Here you can get additional information that will help in the aiming. Of course, for 3 meters, you won’t need that level of detail.

The image you show for B5-lite at 20mhz bandwidth is as expected. If you want to see more bandwidth, then you should go to CHANNEL & POWER and turn OFF the "auto everything, and adjust to use 2x80mhz channels. This will effectively give you 160mhz of bandwidth.

In this setup, we get 867Mbps on our B5-lite link.

Note that this will change dramatically if you’re not aligned and you have good distance between the 2 radios.

Changes you make on the ACCESS POINT side, will automatically get transferred to the remote - STATION side.

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Regarding “hiding” the SSID of these radios — You can’t…
As these are point-to-point, another client cannot connect to it.

Also note that they’re no more secure “hidden” (if you could) than they are not being hidden.

While visually a casual scanning client would not see the radios, anyone who’s got more than the basic knowledge to scan the air with their clients and easily be able to see what you’ve hidden.

The best course we’ve found is to not use names that can be easily tied to a specific location.

Security thru obscurity… Ralf-Bridge vs A020015-001 You can see that the later version couldn’t be tied to anything logical.

Thanks Bryan! We fixed the antennes on the roof and it works like a charm! 876 Mbit speed now. Thanks again!

Great! I’m glad you got it all worked out.

We’ve been extremely happy with what we’ve used so far, and have plans for 8 more sites in the new year… I’d love to do them this winter (summer time in this area is NOT a fun time to be on a roof or tower)

Good continued luck with your setup…