High ping on a p2p link

i installed 2 B11 instead of an old ubiquity 11fx p2p link (distance 16km)
ping from my mikrotik RB to the remote on the other side is 2 or 3 ms while using the 11fx
i changed to mimosa b11 because im facing FM disturbance on copper cables so i need to switch to fiber
link installed connected with 38 to 45 bd( according to channel changing and what power im using) SNR is at the 30’s bandwidth test on the mimosa platform is showing 500+ mb (udp i dont have an other mikrotik RB on the other edge do i can make a tcp bw test) on this link im getting a ping plapping between 8 to 10ms
should be something wrong …


  • i still have no trafic passing through the link so cant be overloaded.

  • signal is better the the 11FX and channel should be clean according to the mimosa spectrum

help would be apreciated

A-C03, the round trip ping times are, in part, effected by the TDMA window size. The smaller window sizes result it lower ping times but reduced through-put. This is explained in detail on our help site at this link:


hello @DavidD ,

first thanks for ur reply
i have set TDMA window 2 and if through-put is reduced that would not work for me as long as om the 11fx link i have 370 mb passing through it (tcp) now the test on mimosa is showing 500 to 600 mb (udp) so less then this wont get me the 370 or 400 mb i need
the weird thing is that the 11fx link has no stable freq now the capacity is plapping between 500 to 600 mb but i have a stable ping of 2 to 3 ms while the freq of the mimosa is clean as shown on the spectrom and its ping is being between 6 and 14 ms (as explained before)
is their is a newest firmware or beta virsion of it that would fix this … ?

Thanks for the update. As long as there are no other B11s mounted at either end of the B11 link in question, you should try setting the TDMA Traffic Split to Auto. If after changing to Auto, the ping times are still not as low as you need, please contact our support chat line at http://support.mimosa.co

It would also be helpful if the B11s were connected to the Mimosa Cloud. The requirements for Cloud connectivity are that the management IP address have access to connect-all.mimosacloud.co on ports 80, 443, 8443, 8080 and the Cloud Management switch be enable on each B11. The detail can be found at these links:



Thank you @DavidD for ur help will do :+1:

@DavidD thanx allot when I set tdma traffic split auto the ping is normal now :+1::+1:
hope the capacity will remain stable this way