Higher gain Antenna


will there be a higher gain Version of the C5? Like ~25dBi?


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Look at the C5c, which is connectorized and will let you attach the antenna of your choice.

We will have the C5c soon which will support higher gain antennas through the dual SMA connectors.

I know the C5c and it’s very useful for 2ft+ antennas. But I hoped that Mimosa plans to produce something comparable to “Ubnt PBE-5AC-400”, which we use a lot.
Sure, we could use a ~400mm Antenna with the C5c but it would be almost double the Price of the Ubnt device and the appearance wouldn’t be as neat as my imaginary “C5-400”.
Since customers can be a bit difficult to deal with, when they think this “thing” looks ugly, the system has to be as unobtrusive as possible.

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Maybe a cambium dish from their ePMP series?

I agree. The C5 just does not have enough range for most of our users and I do not want to mess with external antennas. Something like the epmp Force 200 with 25db antenna in a neat package. No connectors.

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I’d rather see a fully integrated unit with higher gain antenna rather than the C5c. Connecting “your own choice of antenna” is great for the B5 series, but really too expensive (not even considering the looks) for the Client side.

But for installations where price is not the main issue, but rather looks is, then maybe RFelements could make a twistport adapter for the C5c? Then it could be fitted to the UltraDish TP 520 (27 dBi) (when or if that one becomes available). The UltraDish TP 380 makes less sence, but it’s more than the C5’s 20dBi.

I very mush agree with this. What I would love to see is a 25dbi gain integrated option for the longer range shots. Any more then that and the size becomes a problem with client’s houses and mounting options.

Quite honestly, I’ve switched my recommended 5 GHz access radio from the A5 to the ePMP, precisely for this reason. The Force 200 is a nice package. The C5 is inadequate, and the C5c not only costs too much, especially when the antenna is added, but it also requires more effort to install, and there aren’t any high-gain antennas with mating connectors (for the body; of course the pigtail can work). The A5 would sync with the B5 backhaul, but that isn’t all that matters.
This isn’t rocket science. It’s just some arrogant product management that doesn’t recognize what the market needs. A stupid little dish is simple. Mimosa has good antenna tech in the B5, but while it may be too expensive for this purpose (hard to tell), there could easily be a 25 dB CPE package.

I agree. An integrated Client with 25-26dBi would be huge for us. From both a cost and ease of installation standpoint. I would prefer to pay $150 per CPE as an integrated solution with the higher gain vs using the C5C and another antenna. Seems like the C5 board matched with the B5 antenna and housing wouldn’t be too difficult to come up with.

+1. 25 dBi antenna would be amazing. I have some UBNT Litebeam AC 23s that are 2.5 miles out that are barely touching -60 dBm. Can’t replace those with a 20 dBi C5.

Well, I guess the Litebeams did have the reported poor RSSI issue… But still. 2.5 miles is too far for 20 dBi. The C5c’s add a lot of cost when the dish is taken into consideration. Please make an all-in-one 25 dBi CPE! :grin:

Then you have something wrong on your set up cause at 20 mhz channel I can get at 4.2 miles -60db with litebeam ac and prism gen2 radio with 18 dbi gain rf element horn antenna

buen dia necesito apoyo con enlace p2p con equipos c5x

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