Historical graphs and analytics for Trends, Predicting Failures, etc

All I have been able to find in the Mimosa Cloud is past 24 hour timeframe for graphs. Am I missing some historical data built into the cloud system? If not, are there add-on packages out there that can be incorporated to automatically save historical data from Mimosa equipment? When a link goes out of alignment, or somehow bad, if you don’t catch it in the first 24 hours, you have no information on what the quality of the link used to be. Also like to review link quality periodically and see if it appears any links may be degrading and make repairs before any customer affecting failures.

A while back, Mimosa was going to have plan upgrades that would allow you to have a couple months worth of Mimosa Cloud data, but I lost track of where that was going or if it would actually happen. @DustinS might be able have more info that I don’t have.

Personally, I prefer a local solution, Mimosa has a pretty good SNMP system setup and running in their radios and you can pull just about everything you can find in the dashboard through that. The one negative with SNMP is you have to setup a server as well as all the logging/graphing yourself. If you would like I can give you some pointers and go through my system, but TBH, it’s a 5-40 hrs of setup time depending on your familiarity with Linux servers, SNMP and which software you decide to go with.

A local solution you say…

Also @Tom7 if you contact support, they can hook you up with 1 year. Or if you email me direct at dstock@airspan.com I can set you up. I just need your cloud account email address.

@DustinS, hook me up with 1 year of what? I don’t see where you said anything about what is being offered/proposed.

They have upto 1 year of data that you can access through the Mimosa Cloud, they just have to turn it on for your account.

I completely forgot about Mimosa announcing that they were going to be working on a “Local Mimosa Cloud” that people could host themselves. That hasn’t hit the wilds yet, but eventually that could be an option for you as well I guess.