Hmmm my B11 just dropped off-line

So I got a page that looked like a packet storm (hard to do in my routed environment) but it looked like it, traced it back to either the switch or the tower side of the B11 backhaul. Rebooted the tower, everything came back up but with my traffic running through my redundant AirFiber 3X.

Looked at the Mimosa B11 AP and it says it’s connected and running at 83%. Problem is I can’t ping or access the tower side. So don’t know what caused the appearance of a packet storm but rebooting seems to have caused the LAN to stop moving traffic, the router at the tower sees LAN traffic to the radio so I guess it’s a nice holiday trip to the tower.

So what did you find?

Any update on this Forbes? You guys are pioneering and your feedback is appreciated as we try to decide if this is the right solution for us.