How do i add the A6 to the cloud mgmt platform?

Pretty new to mimosa gear. We have invested heavily in the A6 and C6x kit. I recently submitted everyrhing to dustin to get the unlock codes in order to utilize our licenses. How in the world do i add the gear to the cloud mgmt platform? I entered the serial number under the nms option in the cliud and enabled the cloud mgmt in the A6’s. The only one im seeing is the 1st A6 that we initially unlocked via the online generator before we realized that in order to use the frequencies weve paid for that we had to submit them via email. Any help?

Normally when you unlock a device via the unlock portion of mimosa’s website you have to log into your Mimosa nms account and then it takes you to the unlock page that asks for the serial and which network on your nms account you want to add the device to. When I submitted my frequency license to Mimosa support they asked what my Mimosa cloud username was so when they unlocked the devices they would be added to my cloud account. That has worked for the A6 and C6x but the C6x isn’t gathering analytics. I started a separate thread about the C6x thing though

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Hi @Colby,

You still have to unlock the radios through You don’t have to do anything with the Unlock Key it provides you, since I’ve already given you keys for extended frequency. If you do this and you’ve followed my guide for connecting the A6 and C6 to the cloud, they should show up in the cloud platform.

Unfortunately, the A6 and C6 are a bit different from our legacy products that automatically show up in the cloud. Hopefully, in the future, it will be automatic like the rest.