How do I report a problem with the design tool

Hi, as above … the design tool gives an error of a physical structure that is not present in real life.

I can’t do a proper design because of this.


Mimosa Support, if you PM me some details I can try to replicate.

Yup see the issue, I will let the people I know at Mimosa know about it.

Depending on how tall of a tower you are going to be using you will run into issues with trees from what I can see on the link.

You will want to make sure your link clears the trees by a large margin, make sure to pay attention to your fresnel zones and how large they are, using 5 GHz you will get quite a large fresnel zone.

You also are shooting over water, which has caused a lot of issues for a lot of people. I would recommend looking up Thermal Ducting or Thermal Inversion to get an idea of what happens. I know a lot of people who won’t shoot across water because of this issue.

Hi William, would 8m on either end work?

Seems okay at

Can’t do this at Mimosa design.


was hoping to use either B5c (1 on each side) or C5c (1 on each side) with 25dbi antennae at the ends.

8 - 10 m height of the install


In theory yes, 8-10 Meters should work. BUT! 8-10 Meters doesn’t look like it will clear those trees. I would highly recommend checking it out before ordering equipment.

The next question would be how much bandwidth are you wanting to push through the link? Any reliability requirements?

With a 20-30 MHz wide channel you should be alright for getting the link up, depending on your local rules for transmit power.

Hi William,

Was hoping to get 300 down, 100 up. Would the C5c do this or will I have to get the B5c?

Reliability: 99% and above.

Your point about the trees … noted. Thanks

So, the C5c in theory could do this, but I would be skeptical of it achieving that with anything under a 30 dB antenna at that range. Then again, I have not run many C5c PTP links, so maybe I am just uninformed. My largest concern would be noise, other 5 GHz radios and such causing you problems. I would consider isolation sheilds or antennas that are designed to work around noise…

Personally, I would go for a B5c an pair it with RF Elements Ultra Horns. That is what I have used in the past for similar distance links and it will help with Thermal Inversion issues. (It’s beamwidth is 10 degrees so the signal getting messed with by mirages won’t be too much of a problem.)

If you really want high reliability, you might consider an A5c with a C5c, what you can do is have the A5c radio connected to two different PTP antennas that are spaced far enough vertically apart so that when you get thermal inversion issues your connection stays up. Mimosa has a video somewhere about doing this and it seems to have worked pretty well, at least the concept is a pretty good idea in my opinion.

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