How do i transfer feed from a b5c to a c5x

Hi my name is Mohammed Abdullah from Ghana. i am a Radio frequency Engineer. I have decided to shift to using mimosa devices for my work due to few recommendation i had from a late friend. My worry for today is, is it possible that after a PTP connection between 2 B5C(s) then i transfer the feed from the receiving B5c to a C5x? if yes how do i do it and what do i need to do it successfully. i will be very grateful if i am given the needed assistance. waiting on your response. thank you very much.

Unfortunately, the C5x is not able to connect to Equipment from the B line. You would have to use either a C5c or another C5x (I guess you could also use a A5c or an A5x) as the AP.

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Mohammed, If your talking about going for B5-AP_-PTP-_B5-STN and then needing it to connect to a C5x you should be able to LAN to LAN.

Not sure if your sending traffic from the c5x connecting off of something else to the PTP or what your end goal with it is, but just LAN to LAN connectivity should work.