How do you Monetize Wi-Fi?

What are current thoughts on monetizing hotspots? Several trends are emerging that are worth discussing.

  • Pay for HotSpot Internet Access with time based or usage (MB) based
  • Social Login data (Facebook, Google+,…) in exchange for Internet Access
  • Sell advertising and force clients to view
  • Broadband pays for it, hotspot is a courtesy ‘free roaming’ to go with it.

What are you thinking about?

Your typical hotspot (Coffee Shop, Business, Smaller Airport, etc) customers simply expect WiFi to be free and will not pay for it. They would use 4G instead of paying. In my opinion Social Wi-Fi and Ads are the only way to monetize Wi-Fi. We will see an evolution of this where technologies such as IPS will make advertising targeted based on where you are in a shopping mall or supermarket.

I think most important think for an HotSpot gear is actually permit to offer free WiFi High Bandwidth Internet Access forcing customer to explicitly accept adv on their device.

Of course, it could be a Cloud software to manage the backoffice of all works: manage campaigns, load adv media, create a scheduling of adv based on buyed package (1000 visualization, 10000 visualization, etc.), and others

I don’t see paid Wi-Fi lasting too much longer in the future in public areas or Cafes. As @Phillip said, people will just switch to 3G/4G to get around anything. What your trying to provide to them is convenience. If a cafe is looking at profiting off this, instead of profiting with the $$, I would see a greater value in the user simply having to ‘like’ they’re Facebook page or similar in order to gain access.
At the end of the day, free Wi-Fi wins.

Social Media, Advertising via see banner, video… is one of the way order to monetize Wi-Fi today.In my country free Wi-Fi in everywhere like coffee shop, restaurant, public place…

I currently opérate a “Pay for HotSpot Internet Access with time based” in my country (Honduras). Its working excellent as of now it’s a novelty to have this system running with Access Cards availabe to users at local convenience stores. All though I am looking into utilizing Monetizition system to offer free wifi at the center of town. Revenues will come from paid ads from local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, clothing stores etc. I will keep you guys updated once I deploy this system in the upcoming month or so.

If you deploy the adv per free access hs, please share how you done

@MegaNet can you share with me in pvt (if you feel better), how do you implement the Hot Spot time-based ?

I have a very complex scalable network…but yet easy to use technically
and for the end user…I use a routed network with edge routers on each
node. My base system is all Mikrotik and a Radius server for clients db. My
network has expanded since my last post.

I am looking to build this year a Mimosa micropop network in an urban city
of my country all with the same concept / model of my current network.

Are yo in the WISP business as well?

@MegaNet Yes I’m WISP in Italy. I need to do something of bit different.

I would like to use a proxy to push ADV on customers devices offering free surfing.

My problem is how can push ADV on mobile devices mainly, then on PCs too.

This next month instead I will implement first micropop.

Ok, send me your network diagram with details to help you or you can look
in to