How do you update firmware in Mimosa Cloud?

Trying to use Mimosa Cloud to update the firmware on our devices, but I’m running into an issue that maybe someone can help clarify.

So I find the device I want to update and click the Upgrade button. A dialog box pops up asking me essentially “Are you sure?”, I click yes, and then I get an “Device(s) queued for upgrade.”

At this point, I’m guessing that the device should show up in the scheduled updates section, but I don’t see anything there. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, why can’t we schedule a time for the firmware update on the first screen when it prompts us? This all seems rather non-intuitive.

I know right? Every time I go to do updates for our Mimosa gear I think “I really need to put together a feature request” but I always forget. Maybe next time…

As to your other stuff. Yes it should go to the scheduled updates page then Mimosa Cloud handles it from there. Are there any warnings about the devices before you do the update?

I figured it out. The e-mail account I used to login to the cloud with didn’t have authorization, oddly. So, somehow I could access the cloud network and inventory, but couldn’t perform firmware updates. After I added it as an owner it let me.

Still wish there was a way to schedule updates at a certain time. I don’t want my staff or I to have to click a button at 2am.

That’s why I just click it at 6 AM, but I am sure we have some early risers who don’t appreciate it.

Hi all,

Scheduling is something that is on our roadmap for the cloud and should be coming soon.