How does the B5 decide what channel widch to use?

I just noticed that my B5-Lite has decided to increase it’s channel width to 80MHz. I’m wondering why. From the graphs it doesn’t look like there is enough traffic to justify 80MHz. There is 80MHz of contiguous spectrum open since I moved another radio, but I don’t feel that availability is justification for using 80MHz. I know I can limit it to 40MHz, but I was hoping it would use the spectrum intelligently based on need.

Hi Frank,

Auto Everything attempts to maximize link capacity up to a maximum channel width that you specify. As you have found, it is not designed to expand capacity based on increasing traffic (throughput). More information about how Auto Everything functions can be found here:

In manual mode (Auto Everything off), you may specify a fixed channel width. The rate adaptation algorithm will reduce the channel width to stabilize the link only after reducing modulation to the lowest possible level. This behavior is to preserve the link so that SNR does not drop to a level that would result in disassociation.