How has 2.3.3 been working for you?

Just wondering how it has been working for anyone who has upgraded.

Any “Gotchyas” that are not under the known issues of the update notes?


~ Joshua

Hi, im my case very bad. After upgrade from 2.3.0 -> 2.3.3-beta 6 -> 2.3.3 final seems working fine, upgrade yesterday to final version, but today start MCS&PER moving up&down. I tryed to downgrade to 2.3.0 seems better but I think something was wrong becasue now A5c&C5 are working very bad. I try to restart many times, not power off because to acces the AP and C5 I need to talk with my neighbours. But still dosent work well like before to upgrade.

Well, we have been struggling to find some free radio channels in our over saturated bands and without the 5Ghz granularity it was a struggle. We work in ‘interop’ mode (all Mikrotik clients) and the 2.3.3 beta’s we’d tried didn’t work well for the 5Ghz granularity.
Last week we put 2.3.3 final on and to my surprises I could set basically every frequency available and the Mikrotiks followed! I can now finally set my bands where there is a ‘hole’ in the spectrum!

It also looks like the browser is a bit faster again. Apart from that haven’t seen a lot of changes compared to beta 5, my last working fw for some weeks…


We had a C5c PTP link start disassociating and associating every 3 minutes.

We were running 2.3.3 and went to 2.3.0 and so far it has been stable.

Has anyone run into this?

I opened up a ticket but would like to see other operators feedback and experiences.

Well, channels 4900 and 6100 are now open but can’t select them for other devices. it says compatible only for mimosa devices. please fix…

also note:
Auto Channel Selection does not work anymore… please fix


Joshua, we have had good results with PTP C5c links in our know network. So please contact us via our live chat line, If your C5c PTP link is still having trouble, we would like to look into.

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