How is everyone provisioning C5 customers?

Wanting to automate provisioning without PPPoE.

Here is what we came up with:

Every C5 is unlocked and loaded with a generic install config. We have a secondary SSID that is the same on all A5’s so it doesn’t matter where the installer is connecting the C5. We use 802.1X (radius) and the generic install config has a standard setup username/password.

Post-install we update the config of the C5 with a unique username/password for radius and attach it to the unique SSID of the A5 it is connecting to. We update friendly name, etc at this time too. The installer takes photos of the QR/serial of the equipment and the

Rate limiting is down at the A5, we have only a single offering to no multiple tiers to mess with at this time.

We use a G2 with every install so that we have a known L3 device at the customer. We my change this once DHCP option 82 is supported.


We are waiting till we can tag unique VLANs per customer on the C5s ethernet port. At that point it will be a simple IPOE setup with which is then transported to a BNG which authenticates the circuit and assigns DHCP to the customer.