How long does it take to get an 11 ghz license

So, I asked this question the other day of Mimosa support:
“What is the average time it takes to get an 11Ghz license in California USA?”

Still awaiting a response, but I thought that might ask others how long it took them…

Did you use the Mimosa FCC application or did you do it the old fashion way?

Maybe someone has done both? What was faster? Did you have problems?

Hoping for some good info / real world experiences here, as I (should) will be moving forward on a few links and would like to know hurdles people ran across etc.


Hi Rob,

When using the built-in coordination application in the design tool, it only takes a few weeks total on getting a license.

Once you hit submit on the form, it goes directly to Liz at Intelpath. She’s very fast on getting a response back to you on what frequencies and channel bandwidths are available in your area.

Never used the Mimosa Tool, but we have gotten Licenses from the FCC. 2-3 Weeks is pretty normal, but when they are backlogged it’s taken us just a bit over 4 weeks. (Most of the delay is the FCC)

Awesome - thanks for that - good to know that either way you go - you are about a month (under 2) or so out from being legal to put up your 11Ghz and start transmitting.

We always plan on 2 months, there are some horror stories out there of guys getting run around for +6 months, but I think these days things seem to have settled down.

Good to know - A few years back I helped to engineer 2 11Ghz links, and those took forever, and the company I was working for / with had an outside consultant that did RF study’s / FCC app stuff and it just took forever - like 8 months - so good to know that (unless FCC lag time) this process can not be that bad…