How many users can the A5C remove?

We’re an internet service provider.
We provide service to 300 400 customers
I assume we give each user an average of 12 mbps of internet
Frequency pollution too much
15 Microtic netmetal comes insufficient
Is it possible to solve my problem with 5 pieces of A5C
All my devices are 5 ghz
Any suggestions?

It’s very hard to say without more information. I have given your email address to one of our guys named Sunny and he should be reaching out to you sometime soon.

The A5c radios will support up to 44 clients in SRS (GPS Sync mode) and up to around 96 in Wifi Interop (CSMA) mode. Just because the radios can support these numbers do not mean they would provide the bandwidth needed.

Once Sunny reaches out to you, the two of your can discuss your network more indepth so you’ll be able to make the correct decisions.

What @DustinS said.

There are a lot of factors that go into how well Wireless equipment performs. Distance, noise, CPE, AP, antennas, Customer speeds, number of customers per AP, etc.

You might want to talk to a consultant or two to get an idea of how best to move your network forward.

distance 5 kilometers
All devices mikrotik sxt lite5
The average of all our customers is within 3.5 kilometers.
Our customer speeds are maximum 12 mbps
Can we carry 70 clients per ap
400 users in one direction
I need really powerful devices
I can broadcast from a single point

Thank you for your attention.

You would be maxing out your A5s if you only have 5 of them and ~400 people on them. I would consider doing the new Mimosa 45 degree panels and having 10 or more sectors. Depending on the layout of your customers you might want to do RF Elements Horns, they are supposed to help with a lot of the noise issues and I have heard a lot of good stuff about them in that regard.

I have only run around 30 people on interop mode off of an A5 around those distances. We had a mixture of C5s and Ubnt NSM5s, was kind of a pain. Made a lot of noise on our other sectors as well. Eventually we decided to move entirely to Mimosa equipment and changed everyone to C5s. But if you have more time then money at the moment, it is doable especially if you are willing to upgrade a few customers as you go to higher performing (aka higher gain and all the good stuff) CPE. I would take a serious look at the new Mimosa C5x with the various antenna attachments, getting the further out customers and customers with bad signals on as good of a signal as possible makes everything work a lot better.

If you are in a high noise environment you will need to make sure your Clients have pretty good signals (better then -60 would be good, -65 would be pushing it.) I am in an very low noise area and can get away with -70, but there are days where that bites us in the butt. It’s a lot higher cost, but you will see a lot of improvements if you are running all Mimosa, especially running SRS.

A side note, spacing out your sectors is a very good idea, I have put all my sectors on a single pole and done good spacing (8-10 ft between sectors) and I would recommend spacing the sectors out. Especially if you are going to be running them in WiFi Interop mode.