How to add a static route to a B5-lite for the management IP

I have a static IP address and default gateway setup. This works well and allows Mimosa cloud support. However the mangement/monitoring of the link is in a downstream network (further away from the internet gateway). The gateway is on the far side of a ptp link and could be down.

Adding a whole router at a remote radio side seems madness from a cost and power budget perspective.

Note: To be clear, this is not a request to turn the device into a layer 3 router. It is only about adding a route for the next hop address. This is only for the radio generated management traffic.

e.g. Assuming the radio is running linux,

ip route add via

There is no way to do that through the GUI, and Mimosa does not provide SSH/Telnet/Terminal access to their networking hardware.

Probably your best bet is to set your gateway on the B5-lite to a router that you can then do your mix and match routing on…

Thanks for that William, that is also my understanding. It is really good that the number of services exposed by the device is limited (from a security perspective). From a features perspective it doesn’t allow customisation.

Is there a public issue tracker with planned features or a roadmap? I can see there is some work to add this type of feature given the need to also add it to the API and Cloud solution.

One of the sites I want to be able to do this on only two radios and a Netonix POE switch. Adding a router is just more equipment that has to powered and managed; and is another single point of failure.

I totally get you, @DustinS does a pretty good job at forwarding requests to the design team when people post in Feature Requests - B5 Products.

But Mimosa is not turning out features every other week, so you could be waiting a while.

You can try sending a PM to @David. I don’t have a roadmap that I can share with you, but he might.