How to change password on all Mimosa devices?

We have a need to change the management password of all of our Mimosa radios/routers … I’m not seeing any option in the Mimosa Cloud? Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m considering writing a script to automate a web browser to logon to a radio and navigate to the correct field and enter a new password, but this is a lot of work for something that seems like should already be implemented.

AFAIK Building a script that logs into the device and does that is the only way to automate the process. I though I remembered someone else building a script like that, but I can’t find the reference anywhere in the forums.

@William5 - Thank you. If you come across a reference to something like this, I would very much appreciate a link.

Mimosa Support tells me they have an interface that they can use to clear passwords, but a new password still needs to be set via the WebUI on each device.

I’m not looking forward to writing the script and am pretty disappointed that Mimosa gear makes this so difficult. Something similar is pretty quick to throw together for Ubiquiti equipment given the SSH CLI.

Ya, I get you on having to build the script, way easier to automate a CLI…

I will keep my eye out and see if I can remember where I saw the post, I thought it was here on the forums, but it’s not coming up in my bookmarks or in my searches. Unfortunately that probably means I found it elsewhere on the internet or on Facebook which means finding it will be unlikely, but maybe tonight I will remember right before I go to sleep…

FWIW, I’ve contacted support and this is now logged as a feature request - PTMP-4146.

I would suggest that anyone else who considers this a necessary administrative/security feature to contact and express their desire for this.

Well since the cat is out of the bag, our MMP (Mimosa Management Platform – reference 2.8.1 release notes) has a DCF bulk config feature which would allow you to do this. MMP is only in beta at the moment and this feature will be released in Beta 3 (this week or next week).