How to clear logs?

Is there any way to clear the logs on B5 / B5-lite? We’ve just re-deployed a link and I’m not interested in what happened in 2015!



It may be doable with a “Reset Device Configuration”, but I suspect you will need to do a “Factory Reset Device” (Both in the “Backup and Restore” Menu)

I use “Visual Syslog Server” (turn on remote logging under “Notifications” >> System Log Notifications and get your settings for your Syslog Server) and I almost never look at the devices actual Logs.

This is a feature I put in for several years ago… The company appears to have a way they can go in and clear the logs, but, alas WE…do not…

I reiterate again — It would be really good to be able to clear logs ourselves based on our needs. It’s kind of a pain to trudge thru the logs as they are. They’re not in order, there are random unrelated dated entries mixed in and the dates are seemingly out of sync. Doing a factory reset is “A” way, but it’s not a really positive way. Compared to other systems where I can clear at my own discretion I wonder why we’re missing this option?

Alternately one can ignore what’s on the B5, and as William5 noted, a syslog server of your choosing will work.