How to unlock 4.9 on B5

I’m trying to enable the 4.9 band on my B5 radios. The company I am unlocking them for is licensed for using the 4.9 Public Safety band. We provide internet access for wildfire camps in the western United States.
I’ve unlocked these B5 radios using United States Licensed, but the 4.9 band is still restricted. A screenshot is attached as proof.

I’ve unlocked B5-Lites and B5C radios the exact same way I’m doing these B5 radios, and I have successfully used 2x20 MHz channels on those radios. Please tell me what I need to do to get 4.9 to work on the B5. Thank you.

The B5 isn’t designed/approved for the 4.9 GHz band. I would assume they are missing some filtering that would be required for operation in that band.

The other radios have 4.9 GHz capability. It’s just the B5 which isn’t certified for 4.9 GHz.

The B5 has hardware limitations that will not allow it to work below 5.1GHz or above 5.895GHz.

That’s why we will not buy any of them anymore. We bought 4 pieces of B5 this spring for using in urban area hoping that we can use them in this licensed spectrum because we have licence for this but in vain. Lost money, lost time and lost very important client because of this.

That’s why it is best to check datasheets or ask someone before purchasing equipment you are unfamiliar with.

Yes, I know that right now. Expensive school. :wink: