How to use SNMP to monitor devices

we are trying to create an application for our company that it must be retrieve data from devices to use in a monitoring application,
could you please help me how I can use SNMP’s data for monitoring uses these devices?

Hi @Mohsen,

While I’m not familiar with setting up third party SNMP systems, please have a look at the following link:

At the bottom of the linked page, you will find more documentation on various things you can do with SNMP, including OIDs, SNMPWalk, and MIB downloads.


Make sure you are using the latest firmware when testing and such. There have been some bugs with SNMP in the past that could make debugging your application a nightmare.


I believe he’s needing Mimosa’s SNMP MIB/OID list.

That appears to have all of the SNMP OIDs & MIBs, but that’s for backhauls. Cannot guarantee it matches all their platforms.

Has most of the rest of the network stuff. I have played with it a bit and use it with NetXMS, works pretty well once you get the MIB imported…