I can not achieve greater performance

Hello to the whole community. My question is: what is the maximum performance that reaches Mimosa A5c.
I can not achieve more than 160 mbps of performance in the AP with 10 connected clients, and in any of the clients I can achieve a peak of 50 mbps in 40 mhz.
I used to have an A5-14 and replace it thinking it was an AP problem. But the same thing happens to me.

with cpe C5.

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Are you using the N5-360 antenna now? Or another A5-14?

@Manuel_Sebastian What version of code are you running on your A5? Our support will reach out to you with assistance to understand what’s going on.

Replace the a5-14 with an A5c with horn 2 Rf Elements 30°

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Hello Manuel,
We have created a Mimosa Support case to track this issue. You should have received an email with a case number. Could you please reply to that email with your radio Serial Number, so that we can monitor it and ask more questions if necessary?

Hi Manuel,

Are you running SRS mode? We have similar problem getting high throughput using SRS.

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Yes. Only cpe C5 mode srs.

We have a similar scenario with 11 C5 clients and can’t get over 30Mbit using SRS. Various benchmarking tools all report the same.

So for now we are sticking to csma (Wifi Interop) as we get higher throughput (100Mbit easily and much lower latency!)

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Is it anyone who can get over 30-40 Mbit using SRS and 10 client or more?

This is to a C5 ~3 miles away. I have a Mikrotik behind it that ran an IPerf. 20 MHz wide channel SRS. I skipped our bandwidth limiter to get this, the client is limited to 25/8 the rest of the time. The AP has 27 clients and was pretty quiet at the time. Our peak for the sector is normally around 60 at night, but it has several bad connections to it.

We could do more with a wider channel, but the poor connections prevent us from using 40 MHz

In 40 mhz I have obtained about 50 mb. The problem is that the AP is not able to move more than 160 mb.
Yesterday I did a test with iperf and I got 100 mb with a cpe C5, but in the AP the total traffic did not exceed 160 mb with 5 clients in total.

I was looking at your pictures, it looks like your AP is hearing a ton of noise. Your UL SNR is in the low 20s for a lot of your customers. I know when my DL SNR gets that low the customer starts having frequent problems. Is your Spectrum Analyzer graph from when you were running the A5-14 or after the RF-Elements Horns?

I think the problem is in the traffic division srs 50/50, then 50% is reserved. In other words, at 40 mhz, a maximum of 160 mb of discharge or 160 mb of increase or total aggregate of more than 300 mb is obtained in the AP.

Well, it looks like the horns did not help you much at all. The UL noise Avg went up for several people and the SNR does not seem to be much better. (though these look to be 2 different sets of clients)

Have you tried running a 20 MHz to see what happens? It may not be able to advertise the higher performance, but with all your noise it might be able to push more data at peak times.

What did Mimosa say to try?

Mimosa told me to do the test with iperf. But the problem is in the AP that does not pass more than 160 mb. To be valid the test would have to perform the test at least 3 CPE to see if it exceeds 200 mb.
Try to lower to 20 mhz but the ap moves half of traffic that in 40 mhz. Now leave the 2 APs (A5c and A5-14), and the traffic of each AP is 80 to 100 mb during peak hours. I am thinking of replacing the A5-14 with an A5c so as not to generate so much noise and not receive any noise. The A5c is in the frequency 6165 and the A5-14 in the 5080.

Just to throw my experience in here. We’ve noticed that while throughput per client goes down in SRS mode, there are less collisions and therefor lower latency and more consistent performance.

We used to get 300-400 Mbps on some C5’s in WiFi mode. In SRS mode we never really get more than 200-250 Mbps, even on an 80 Mhz channel.

Clients that are about 1KM away see maybe 150 Mbps max.

You really need to be <300m to get 250 Mbps+.

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I discovered that the limitation is due to the traffic split 50/50
The problem does not happen if it is used in interop.
We hope that Mimosa includes in its next firmware 75/25.

Hi, I’m having the exact same problem that you had, I have version 2.5.2 in the a5c and the c5x, I will switch to interop, but it is a shame these poor performance in mimosa a5c.did you still have the interop mode or have you gotten any improvement with newer versions in srs mode ?