I cannot enter the web interface, the point-to-point is interfered with by other signals

Hello everyone.

I want to present my question that I have with the C5x ​​links. It turns out that I am in an environment that has a lot of noise and interference, at the moment that the PTP link becomes interfered with by some signal I cannot access the AP, however I can ping both the AP and the Station. It has firmware on the PTP C5x.

Probably the link bandwidth goes so low that there isn’t enough bandwidth for the web interface…

In high noise environments I highly recommend isolation antennas to block out as much noise as possible. RF Elements and KP Performance both have dishes built for this exact purpose. Though there is only so much you can do.

If your link is short enough I would look at 60 GHz equipment, Mikrotik is my preferred manufactuerer for 60 GHz PTP, but there have been lots of positive reports from people using the Ubiquiti 60LR radios which if you use the right frequency can get you several km of distance.