I can't log into my B5C Device

Hi Everyone.

I encountered a challenge trying to login into my B5C device radio. I had initially login and set the device as a Station for it counterpart during a bench test. Suddenly, I could not login the device locally, but I could log into it remotely from the Access Point. What could be responsible for this kind of behaviors and how do I go about resolving it.

Thank, community!

Hi Kolawole,

These are some of the most common causes. Please check the Ethernet port connectivity, radio IP settings, and computer settings:

Thank you Mr Chris…

Your tips are helpful.

Can I use this opportunity to ask…what could be the reason why there are differences between the targets on my dashboard signal meter on both STATION RADIO & ACCESS POINT.

See screen caption, please.


Hi Kolawole,

The signal target is calculated based on Tx power, antenna gains, and free space path loss calculated from GPS-derived distance.

Since these radios are so close to each other, they may be within the GPS location accuracy that would provide an accurate result.

Transmit Power Control (TPC) may also make adjustments to Tx power to reduce EVM on one side or the other, and this could also cause the asymmetry.

At this distance, we would expect much higher signal strength in both cases, so would recommend checking your antenna aiming.

I’m having the same issue with logging in the the station side after changing the IP address. I can log into the access point just fine and the station thru the access point wirelessly . I went thru all the trouble shooting but still have the issue. I can plug another laptop or switch into the station and it shows connection bit it is not pingable from the ethernet port.

So just for a test I changed the station to an access point and everything else is the same and now I can access it thru the eithernet port. When I change it back to station I lose access. This is running firmware 1.4.6. The units are on the bench yet, do I need to update firmware or RMA the units?