I need help with electronics

Hello, I am writing to request information regarding electronic integrated. I can’t get the electronic diagram anywhere and the components don’t appear on the internet either.
Where I am from, the equipment is unobtainable because of the intermediary importing usurer; and we need to implement a laboratory for repairs.
Anyway, I hope you understand and can help me and serve for everyone.

I attach images of integrated that I need to replace, if anyone knows values, ranges and / or replacement components, I appreciate the information.

I hope it helps everyone. Thank you in advance and best regards.

0815-8 0815-9 0815-10 0815-11 0815-12

You might have some luck checking with Mimosa Support, maybe @DustinS might know someone else who might be able to help you.

Hi William5, thanks for replying. I already texted DustinS to see if he can help me. Regards.