I want add 4600 Ghz ? i need help

hi all

plases i need help to add Licensed ? my country is IRAQ

how can i add Iraq Licensed >>

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As far as I know there is no Mimosa products that are capable of doing 4.6 GHz, at the very least they are not certified to do so anywhere in the world. So using a Mimosa radio in 4.6 GHz would be illegal.

In particular, the C5’s spec sheet stops at 4.9 GHz, so there is no license or other mode that would support it.

Hello! If the license exists, it works from 4500 Mhz to 6400 Mhz.

Write me at brsolutionmiami@gmail.com

Soon. Very soon.


Hello, @DustinS existe lic for C5x or C5c for 4.600Ghz?

I’ll have more information to share soon.


¿Novedades para los equipos C5x en esas frecuencias que pide el colega William5?
(4.6 GHZ al 6.4 GHz)


What’s new for C5x equipment on those frequencies requested by colleague William5?
(4.6 GHZ to 6.4 GHz)

Email me directly for more information on this. Dustin@mimosa.co


We are in contact ; )

Testing C5x and C5c and 4600 in more thank 10Km dosent work.- less connect and work fine.-

What about the link you created that does not reach you more than 10 km?

What equipment do you use and in what frequency, conditions, height are you working?

You may need to open a new topic or search for the discussion to find the problem. ; )

ضيفه الدوله ولازم تفتح الكود من جديد بس هم نفس الترددات

i have only for C5c.