I would like to know if there are any mimosa team in Brazil to ask questions?

I am interested in starting a mimosa PTP, today 100% UBNT network and how not to launch the airfiber 5xHD to PTMP I need a solution to compete with respect to fiber, but I still have many doubts about the mimosa in the PTMP senario

Don’t know of anyone in place in Brazil, but I recall there was a Mimosa training session down that way a while back.

But if you have any questions about Mimosa PTP or PTMP I am sure someone around here might be able to help you out…

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Feel free to reach out to Lucia Sanchez (lsanchez@airspan.com) or Javier Blanco (jblanco@airspan.com). Lucia is our lead sales person in South America and Javier is our Senior Sales Engineering for South America. Javier is the guy that’s always giving training sessions!

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Thank you very much for the contact, yes I will contact them to get questions about the technology because it is still very new to me that I have always used UBNT, I want something to fight with the optical fiber