Identification of wideband noise

I would greatly appreciate any help in identifying the wideband noise pictured above.

This noise appears at random intervals in multiple c5x up to 2 miles apart. The noise does not appear in all radios at the same time, however, two co-located radios see this noise at the same time.

The noise starts out with a few narrow spikes, then progresses to the above image, with additional spikes added at about 7 second intervals (perhaps the refresh rate of the web page?). The image below represents a midpoint in the progression.

This noise condition does not present itself in SRS mode.

Thank you,

Nearly normal spectrum from the same radio 30 minutes later.

Never seen that before, maybe a bug in the WiFi Interop mode? I am entirely SRS these days, so I have not worked with WiFi Interop in a couple years.

Thank you very much for the comment William. When you turn up a new more-distant client, do you often need to turn on the “Client Association Assist”? Or, would you say that they always eventually connect?

I use manual AGC so I don’t get to turn on “Client Association Assist” anymore. A couple years ago before I was Manual AGC I did find that turning on Client Association Assist did help for the longer links (+4 miles). But now a days I don’t touch customers that I can’t get a better then -65 dB signal so…

That said, Mimosa does take an eternity to associate for the first time, really a huge pain in the butt when you are trying to do a site survey or move a customer from one AP to another.

Thank you William. Your information is extraordinarily helpful…