ifInErrors on B5c's

I have 3 B5c’s and 1 B5 that are reporting ether in errors. These are one end of different links so not related to each other that way. I have lots of others not having this issue and all basically configured the same way. I don’t see duplex or speed changes. Working on one of them, we have changed out all the hardware that it is between it and the router, replaced the 750 router, changed out the POE and all cat6 but still get the errors. Only thing we haven’t done that I can think of is change the radio out. The router is not reporting errors.
Any ideas?

What are you using for your power supplies? When we have several links coming together we use a Netonix just for the ease of management and reliable power stuff. We are using some of the TP-DCDC-4848GD-HP which have been good to us, but they do get hot so make sure you have proper cooling (and don’t attach two of them on either side of a metal bar, bad juju, we lost 2 of them before we realized the tech who was swapping them out wasn’t mentioning they were almost too hot to touch.)

Using the same supplies I am everywhere else, UBNT POEs. Doesn’t matter whether it’s multiple or a single coming into the tower. I have a couple that have more but don’t have this problem.

Do the errors occur at the same time? How frequently do they occur? Has this always been the case for this location or has this popped up recently?

Then the only next step I can see would be to swap out one of the radios and see if it gets the errors.

Maybe there was something that damaged the Ethernet ports on the radios. Otherwise it could be a location issue, like an FM transmitter or something in the 100 MHz range making noise nearby the radios, but not nearby the router… Swapping one Radio would tell you if it is hardware in all the radios (rather unlikely) if the new radio does not have the issue. If the new radio has the issue then you know it has to be environmental (the more I think about it the more likely it sounds)

Errors happen all the time, increasing when traffic picks up on the link in the evenings. I can’t say its always been that way since snmp wasn’t reliable until the latest build. No transmitters etc around.
We are going to change out the radio and see what that does.

Do keep us posted, if this happens to someone else it would be cool to have an idea of where to start fixing.

Replaced the unit and that appears to have solved the issue.

You might want to double check your grounding then, if everything got zapped and that is what caused the issue then it is likely to happen again. We are really careful about our Mimosa equipment, its like a Porsche, it performs amazingly unless you abuse it. Then you are going to be sorry.