Import a KMZ file or Excell spreadsheet of locations

I was wondering if you can import from a KMZ or Spreadsheet the site locations into the design tool…
To allow a visual of site locations and towers for planning and design etc…

Hi @Michael2,

This is part of our next Design Tool update. It should be available sometime in June!


Is the import KMZ Design Tool ready? i got bulk of sites need to be upload. thanks

Hi @Eng,

I have a meeting with Engineering in about 30 minutes. I’ll see if I can find out.

Hi all,

KMZ export is already live and working. We will have CSV import very soon.

Any update on the ability to import CPE locations?

I’m trying to create a KMZ file that includes all of my CPEs and PTP links. My CPEs are not in the design tool. Is there any way to do a bulk move all CPEs from the Management to Design Tool?