Improving large device lists on the cloud manager

The Mimosa Cloud service is really good, but there is always room for improvement. One minor annoyance is that by default it only displays 30 devices on a Device List page. We have over 60 on a network now, meaning 3 pages. We can select “Viewing 100” and see them all, but as soon as we go to one, and then go back to the list, we’re back at the first 30. And if we leave it at 30 per page but go to page 2 or 3, and select a device, going back still puts us on page 1 again, not the page we just left. Likewise with a search; it always returns us to page 1, not the search results.
So it would be nice if whatever display of devices we selected remained persistent on the web page when going back. It is clumsy now for networks with lots of devices. And you do want us to buy lots of devices, don’t you? :slightly_smiling_face:

Good points. However, can you open the individual device in a separate tab, leaving the list page where it was? If I Ctrl+Click on the device or right click on the device and choose Open in New Tab, that appears to work. I don’t have enough devices to confirm this though.

Guys, you need to start using the MMP software. The cloud is shutting down sometime later this year. They aren’t going to be making any more changes to it.

MMP is still in beta.