Incorrect DFS hit

I have an a5-14 setup right now, we’re running it in the 5600MHz DFS band. Everyday at least once it gets a dfs hit. I have several vendors all running in dfs elsewhere, but within a few miles. They never get a dfs hit. I’m fairly certain this is a false positive DFS hit, what can i do to mitigate the issue? The a5 is mounted at the top of a 5ft pole above a peaked roof top on the side of the mountain. I doubt there is a reflection causing the issue

An ancillary issue is the ridiculous PER we get on some of the radios, even as high as 30%. This usually only occus when in the unii-1 band it usually gets forced into on a dfs hit, but we do get consistent 10% PER even in a no noise 5610 band. I thought that the per should be much lower than that.

An example client with really low MCS for no reason.

Radar detection events can be from either fixed or moving(usually aircraft flying nearby) sources. They also tend to occur on a particular frequency, and that frequency can be manually excluded, which can be done from the Channel & Power page:

One can determine the frequency or frequencies that are hearing radar events by check the Persistent log, which can be found on the Diagnostics -> Logs page:

The high PER you mention is a sign of interference with another 5 GHz TDMA radio. It would be interesting to know if the PER changes with any changes in frequency?

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