Increase Ethernet MTU

Hy all, how I increase MTU from 1500 to 1600? Thanks

Jumbo Frames
The default MTU size is 1500 bytes, but there is no MTU adjustment on the UI. Mimosa backhaul radios support “baby jumbo” frames up to 3200 bytes without fragmentation in certain modes and modulation levels.

To Change over to the “baby jumbo frame” setting go to the UI of your radio >> Management >> Miscellaneous >> Jumbo Packet Support (set the slider to “On”)

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Thanx. You know on witch modulation did to work?

That has been a question that has floated around here for a while.

I would figure that as long as your not running on the lowest modulations you should be fine. No one has said that any mode doesn’t work with “Jumbo Frames” and I have never seen anything indicating that certain modes drop “Jumbo Frames”. (except WiFi Interop mode on the A5s, then being non-standard is probably a bad idea, but as far as the B5 line goes… Nothing)