Injecting Mimosa Radios into OSPF network

If I have a fully working OSPF network, and I remove an Ethernet cable between two of the routers and substitute a pair of Mimosa radios, it will continue to work, right?!

Do the radios need IP addresses and under what circumstances will the radios show up in the Mimosa cloud?

First question, if you are using PTP radios, yes. (There might be slight oddities if you use PTMP because multicast isn’t supported, but that would be dependent on your OSPF setup.)

Second question, the radios will need IPs for their management. So, as long as you don’t need to remotely access the radios you can use whatever doesn’t overlap with your current network. That said, if you want to remotely access the radios there are a couple options, most people use a /29 between their routers and assign the radios IPs from that space. Then you decide which of the routers will the the gateway for each device and you will be mostly set.

As far as cloud management, you would need to give the radios Internet access in one way or another.

Thanks William. Appreciate the clear answer.

Short, but I wouldn’t argue very clear. I kinda just ripped this out. I just don’t have time to go into details right now, but the generalities should be a decent guidepost.

Yes, OSPF work well. You would also have to come up with a OSPF cost scheme which relates to your backhaul speeds.

I find about every 6 - 9 months I have a Mimosa link that says the ospf is up, and looks like it is up but no traffic is going through it. A reboot of the radio, usually the station side gets traffic flowing again. Have not seen this with other manufacturers equipment. I have seen this in both the B5c and this very morning a B11.