Installer needed in Waipio, HI for a single PtP Link

I have a client with a remote office in HI. They are expanding into a building across the street and need a PtP link between the two buildings (~350ft) at 100M full duplex; I’m thinking a B5lite on a non-pen skid on the rooftops (they’re both flat roofs).

I need someone local to do the installation and support the link; it’s only needed for 6 months while they wait for L3 to do some fiber connectivity.

Anyone know someone reasonable and dependable they can recommend?

I know you’re looking for someone to install and maintain this — but — is there a reason you don’t want to do it?

These are REALLY easy to setup and maintain… You just need a POE network connection at both points, and of course your mount for it… For something that close, you could easily aim it –

You’ll end up with a lot more than 100mb link too…

Just wondered since it’s really that easy…

The biggest reason is that we are based in Missouri as is our client; this
is a remote office for them and has no technical staff. While I could fly
an installer out to HI to do the initial installation, if there’s a problem
then the cost to get someone on site again is prohibitive.

I know they’re really easy to install and maintain; we’ve installed several
B5/B5c units for clients in Missouri and they’re our go-to radio for rural
installs (in urban areas we still use licensed or 24GHz AirFibers).

Not that the installer doesn’t want to go to HI for a few days…


Hit me up. I live and work here in Oahu and run both Ubiquiti and Mimosa. I have B5 lites, B5s, B5cs, B11s, and Ubnt AF24s and AF5 links up here. BTW, the company I’m with, Servpac, does fiber all over metro Honolulu. We’re local to HI, know the terrain and the communities and compete regularly with HT, TW Oceanic, and L3. We are always more than competitive than the big guys and we are local support.

Charlie Frans
Manager Field Operations
Servpac, Inc.
(808)237-5001 x122

P.S. Dave,

As for the skid mounts - there are very inexpensive ones that will handle that radio from my friends at Mike the owner has done me well over the years - I used the NPR18-C3. Cost is $39/mount. You can use 2 or 4 (stacked) 16" x 16" x 8" blocks to anchor the mounts. His website is When I ran a WISP operation on the mainland, I deployed more that 100 of those mounts and they are great even for UBNT PB 25’s (with 4 blocks) and 2" galvanized EMT.

BTW, although we do fiber all over Honolulu, we are expanding outward from our CO colo locations of which we are in Waimanalo, Pearl City, and lots of other locations on Oahu.


Charles Frans
Manager Field Operations
808-237-5001 x 122


Are you in a position to lease a connection for 6 months? The need is
temporary; the client has ordered services from their carrier but that
won’t be installed for 90-180 days. We’re looking for a quick-to-implement
100M full duplex solution for two buildings across the street from each
other. If we have to supply the hardware that’s fine, but a rental would
be even better…

What kind of costs are we talking about for either (a) you install our
gear; or (b) you lease and install your gear? I’d also need a T&M rate for


@Dave7 – Ahah! Well that sure explains it. I was more curious than anything…yes, there would be only a rare installer that wouldn’t take that trek.

Aloha David,

I haven’t gotten into the office yet to look into your bandwidth needs.
However, if you could give us the address(s) of the buildings and identify
the primary building to which bandwidth would be provided, that would be
great. To get you bandwidth in the short-term, we might looked at several
different solutions.

We can talk later today if you like.



Charles Frans

Current Location:

94-539 PUAHI ST

Waipio, HI 96797

New Location:

94-532 Puahi St
Waipio, HI 96797

I need 100M Full duplex between the two locations for 3-6 months. A Mimosa
B5Lite would meet that need… they are moving from one building to the
other so services and connectivity will migrate over time from one building
to the other, so it’s not an issue of which building is primary… todya,
the 94-539 building is ‘primary’ because that’s where the Internet
connection and telecom hub is; as it moves to 94-532 and the new Level3
circuit is installed then the focus will shift.

Give me a call anytime after noon HI time to discuss futher: 573-234-4747.



It’s going to take me another day to get back to you on this. My crew and
I are installing 3 radios today and it will take all day.