Interference and product

I have few questions: please help me get this right:

Q1: What’s better in terms of performance and interference when comes to C5x with horn or C5x with dishes. Planning to use it for client. Any suggestions for better ones are welcome

Q2: Which product/backhaul handles interference better? Planning to use A5c with sector (4x)

Q3: How can I use 5.9-6Ghz frequencies to stay above interferences of 5.8Ghz?

Q4: Can i use A5c with two sector antennas?

Thanks in advance

  1. I always recommend C5x + 20 or 25dBi antennas as they have better interference mitigation than the horns. Horns are really for up-close shots on micro pops.

  2. Loaded question and really depends on deployment and environment. You could use A5c with 2 RF Element horns or 2 N5-45x2 antennas for interference mitigation, but you’re still most likely pointing the antennas in two different directions, which opens you up to more interference.

Using an A5x you can use one N5-45x2 or RF Element horn for less chance of interference, but the A5x goes shorter distance since you’re losing the beamforming gain from a 4 port AP and Sector.

  1. You can only use 5.9 to 6.4 if you get an experimental license through the FCC. Once you do, provide me with proof and we can open up the spectrum for you.

  2. Yes.

Hello Dustin,

So for better performances, One radio per sector is recommended to avoid interferences or else use RF element.

For 5.9Ghz-6.x GHz freq. as I am not in the US, should it also be an issue?

Hi Alex,

Most other countries you can use 6GHz without issue. You just need to unlock your APs to Licensed mode for the country you’re in.

Correct. If you have tons of interference, it would be best to do 1 antenna per AP radio if you can.