Intermittent SNMP Problems

Hi All,

We are having some intermittent problems with the SNMP reporting on our Mimosa B5 devices. The service seems to stop and start randomly - at first we thought the communication between the links had failed however we can still ping between them when this problem happens.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem whilst using any of the Mimosa products?



I’m having this same issue with a B5c running 1.4.6

I’m running the same Firmware version (1.4.6) which I believe is the latest. It would be nice if someone from mimosa could confirm if this is a bug or not and if it will be fixed in a later firmware release.

This has been answered before. Stop the service and restart it and it will work until it craps out again, does not interefere with the flow of traffic. Mimosa doesn’t fix stuff in a timely fashion, buck up and put up with it, unfortunately. The only sure fire fix I have found for this issue is to use a different manufacturer whose stuff just works out of the box and who fixes stuff when they have a known issue. Mimosa claimed to have fixed this issue in a previous firmware release many, many months ago but did not, they claimed at the time they simply forgot to put it in the firmware release after it was reported that there was still a bug. It has been a bug since at least ver 1.3.1.

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Mimosa has acknowledged this, It was supposed to be fixed in 1.4.6 but still seems to have issues, they have said that there is another fix in 1.4.7 to solve this problem, which is in beta right now. You can contact mimosa to get the beta firmware if you want to run beta software on your B5 device, or you can wait for the final 1.4.7 to come out which I would expect to happen pretty soon since it’s in beta now. As stated by others you can turn the service off save the settings and turn it back on and save again and that will restart SNMP to working again.

Jonathan2, I do see that you attempted to contact us and our apologizes for the lack of response. I will send you a follow up email offline.