Introducing the G2: Delivering Great Internet

June 9, 2016

Today we introduced the Mimosa G2 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi gateway, debuting at a $49.99 USD street price. The G2 gateway is a beautifully integrated wall-plug that combines a great managed ISP subscriber experience together with an incredibly easy way to expand Wi-Fi coverage and quality.

The G2 is an extremely friendly solution for Wireless ISPs, incorporating Power over Ethernet for a clean powering solution for the Mimosa C5 and C5c fixed wireless client radios. Together with Mimosa’s Cloud management solution, ISPs can proactively identify Internet link issues to each subscriber, and differentiate between in-home related coverage and interference issues. When expanded Wi-Fi coverage is needed, consumers can easily add additional G2 devices as “extenders”, which plug-and-play learn the homeowner’s original wireless network name and security key for a seamless experience. And when upgrades are required, Mimosa’s Cloud provides “extender aware” bulk software upgrades, greatly simplifying a normally time-consuming task.

Taking it one step further, the G2 also solves common and expensive issues that plague customer support, such as subscribers forgetting their Wi-Fi passwords. Each G2 comes with a default home network and password pre-printed on the device, as well as a simple and secure isolated guest network. At the core of the G2 is a great wireless experience with advanced features to tackle the challenges of the 2.4 GHz spectrum. On startup, the G2 automatically picks the cleanest channel and will change channels when interference slows down performance. The G2 uses an intelligent clear channel assessment to reduce the impact of noisy Wi-Fi neighbors.

Being a Wireless ISP isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be hard to deliver a fantastic end-to-end experience, and that includes Wi-Fi. By leveraging the Mimosa solution, Wireless ISPs can now provision an Internet subscriber’s services, upgrade and monitor their infrastructure, and gain critical insight into the devices consuming the Internet in their home, all in one easy to use portal. More importantly, it is now possible to easily enable each subscriber to help Wireless ISPs to deliver great services to every location in their home with great quality Wi-Fi.

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Hi Scott,

I believe the new Mimosa G2 will be a very popular product, specially if its PoE capabilities are not limited to Mimosa products.


Mohamed Abdulmagid

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Nice start… but seams a bit lacking. Looking at this it made me think what would be the best features for something like this. Wireless repeating is something that should be avoided. looking at these I was thinking "Why not use something like a power line adapter so that the AP’s communicate through the power lines. Then throughput would be preserved for actual data flowing to the internet. so Ideally I would be waiting for a:
5ghz AC, 2ghz N, and power line linking. would be awesome to bridge a pesky TV through the power line while adding a wireless AP that is not quartering the throughput.

I would pay $150-$200 for something like that.

Unfortunately, My experience with Ethernet over Power is that it works nowhere near as well as it’s hyped to. There are problems related to crossing between the two legs of the power entrance panel. There are problems related to small cheep electronic devices putting out noise on the power lines. The times I’ve tried it, it’s barely worked.
Adding 5GHz to the AP sounds like a good idea until you remember that you are using 5GHz to bring internet to the households. So I would say that adding 5GHz to the G2 is only a good idea if Mimosa can ensure coordination of the G2’s channel with all the other Mimosa systems in the area. Self interference is a real bummer to try and troubleshoot.

What would make this nice would be a dual channel repeater. So instead of repeating over the same channel it could split it up and talk to devices with, say, channel 1 and talk to the master AP with channel 6, for example. Otherwise there’s a lot of people selling this sort of thing, and frankly we’ve tried but these exact similar types of solutions have never worked for us. And with no external wireless antennas on the unit that sets it apart -especially-, I am pretty sure we would never buy a single one of these.
BUT I do love mimosa and maybe it works better than some other solutions that we’ve tried, but it’s just so late in the game we’ll never have time to experiment. The home wifi product IS a niche that needs filled and I don’t think anyone has figured out very well yet. This is good, but it definitely isn’t “IT”.