IPTV services, Multicast protocol

Hello, we are studying the possibility of using these antennas mimosa, specifically the B5 model,
We are actualemente giving IPTV service with EPMP1000 series of Cambium Network, we are pleased with its performance. but we need to maintain the same quality of service and increase significantly wider bands. EPMP of the distance Cambiun series 7-9 Km is on average 120 to 140 Mb of channel width. using the frequency of 20MHz to reduce noise (SNR) and plate 25 dBi. (Master - Slave)

  • The B5 model supports IGMP, UDP, Multicast protocol?
  • Need at least 300Mb this link
    what would be your recommendation? what model?

Point A:
height: 55 m
10 ° 37’00.5 "N
71 ° 40’10.6 "W

Point B:
Height: 30 m
10 ° 24’45.60 ‘’ N
71 ° 41’08.83 ‘’ W

Hi Jose, I hope this is the answer to part of the question: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-faq-traffic-handling

Traffic Handling
Layer 2 Bridge

Mimosa Backhaul products are designed to operate as a Layer 2 transparent bridge (a virtual wire) for maximum performance. The radios simply pass all traffic, regardless of type. However, they do support traffic prioritization with four (4) quality of service (QoS) queues.


Mimosa Backhaul radios function as a transparent Layer 2 bridge and forward all multicast traffic (i.e. all OSPF routers, all DRs, etc.). They do not perform IGMP snooping to first determine if receiver(s) are on the far end of the network.