Is the G2 now EOL?

I went to place an order from a vendor, and they told me that the G2 is now EOL? Just wanted to confirm and see if this is true? And if so, is there any planned replacement or should I look at other vendors?

I have not heard anything official, but there have been some updates to it pretty recently. That said, while I liked the idea, I never really found a spot in my network for it to live so I don’t know a ton about them.

Yes it’s true. We don’t have a planned replacement. We do have a Mikrotik script to configure a Mikrotik hAP (or other Mikrotik router) to act as a G2 for use with the Mimosa App.

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That is too bad. We have a client operating as a WISP that is using the G2 exclusively as their in home device for all of their installs. I hope Mimosa decides to make something to replace the G2.

What does Mimosa suggest as a compact in-home wifi router that is cloud-manageable to replace the G2 and that can power the C5x?

Well if you like the Mikrotik route that seems like a pretty good route especially if you want to have a single management interface.

I am currently using Cambium R190s and probably will be looking at picking up some more models for moving forward. The web interface on the routers is old, but it gives you control of just about everything I have wanted. They also have a hosted management system CnMaestro, I run my own server for it and it works pretty well. It’s where we are going moving forward, the diagnostics through it is pretty darn good and if you have other Cambium equipment there’s some pretty cool level 1 tech support that can happen. That said, I don’t have any other Cambium gear and it’s pretty unlikely that we will forklift our whole network for such a transition.

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Since the G2s are going EOL can Mimosa make a radio that supports NAT? G2 was kind of the answer for that so it was passable. Most other vendors support NAT or bridge mode and have for years so not sure why Mimosa doesn’t have this yet.

One good reason to not have routing in the Antenna is because it is extra complexity. More processing power and such needs to be dedicated to those functions instead what the Radios are supposed to be doing which is transferring data.

Just having a layer 2 bridge is beneficial for throughput and helps to avoid other issues. Also, fewer bugs, I see people who use Cambium and Ubiquiti equipment running into weird issues with new firmware all the time because they are doing all this stuff in the antenna.

Also, adding routing features will take away from developer time for features that can actually benefit what the radio is supposed to be doing which is transferring data.

Honestly, you will need a router anyways for your customers, why not just leave that functionality there? Let each piece of equipment do it’s job and don’t make it do too much, diagnostics and everything else just gets harder.


Where can we get this Mikrotik script?


If you email me at, I’ll email it back to you. I’ll also get it posted on the website soon.

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Cool ! Ill be looking for that.

Please be sure to post a link or something so we can try it out!

I’ll throw my $0.02 worth in here, regarding the G2s.

We tried using them when we first put Mimosa equipment on the air, but stopped after the first few customers. We had to replace the G2s for two of those three customers, with high power MikroTik routers/access points (30 dbm output) to get enough range to even begin to cover their houses. The G2 just didn’t have enough power output. We’ve continued to use the MikroTik routers/access points and they work well.

John Rayfield, Jr.
Rayfield Communications

Hi all,

As requested I have created a help page with the config download:



I have to say that the notes are not clear on this (01-13-2020-Sys Note-System Note file for Mikrotik hAP):

“[ether5] = POE to C5 (WAN), Static route for C5 Install App (, WAN DHCP client to Internet”

To be clear an IP address is added to ether5 (Not a static route) for the address
The mikrotik will add a static route - dynamically - but this may confuse some people.
It does seem to be correct in the config however.

This was mentioned in another thread - talking about the “fall back IP” -
That seems to be: - I guess the main thing is that you have to use it as a /30 or it wont work / respond!

I do have to say - that this script is great, works well, and if needed can be easily modified for a PPPoE setup.

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