Is there is any problem running 2 mimosa b11 links

hello guys
i have 2 mimosa b11 links running on the same direction 31km with the same hight (link 1 on the left side of the tower link 2 on th right side)
each link have jirous 1.2m – 41 dbi
first link signal is is between -47to -52 dbm
wich is giving me 780 mbps
second link signal is 46 to 49 dbm
same as above 780 mbps
both are running TDMA : A 75/25 with 8ms window
my problem is at 1 am to 4 am links signal drops to 60 wich causes network unstable
both of the links signal drops , no wind no fog no rain no noise no any thing it just drops
this problem is driving me crazy .
any thought or solution maybay ?

I would suspect thermal inversion. Maybe someone is watering a field across the link?

What is the distance the links are going?

Thermal inversion is basically a mirage, same thing that you see when you are driving down a hot paved road. Litterally your signal is being bent by the hot and cool air refracting it. There are not a lot of good solutions, greater height (I’d bet that your links are less then 10 meters above the ground at one or more spots) is the only solution I have found to be reliable.

Another solution would be to use antennas with a wider beam which will be more resilient to thermal inversion goofyness.